Chicken wraps (Grab n go)

                     This recipe is simple, nutrient-dense, very feeling and delicious. It takes 10-minutes to assemble and can be eaten as a main meal or snack... It is also a great  & fun way to enjoy vegetables or introduce children to one without rejection (Trust me on this, lol)

Tortilla wraps can be found in grocery mall shelves under bread section. Some cultures in various countries call it "Lebanese bread".


"Serving size: 1 chicken wrap"

  1. Tortilla wraps (I used whole wheat wraps)
  2. Cooked chicken "shredded" (you can use fish or any meat choice)
  3. Salt to taste
  4. Black pepper
  5. Cheese (part-skim) "shredded"
  6. Fresh spinach (chopped) or any other green vegetable
  7. Mayo


Grill machine or toaster

Note: if you don't have any of this, use a pan with no lid

Method of Preparation

  • Plug grill or toaster to heat up
  • If using pan, heat over medium heat
  • In a bowl, mix shredded chicken, salt, pepper, cheese and spinach together
  • Lay tortilla wraps on a flat surface 
  • Place chicken mix in the center of the tortilla and fold neatly to hold together

  • Place each folded wrap on the grill or toaster 
  • Spread a little mayo on the top of the wrap, close grill not tightly and cook for 3-5minutes until wrap browns a little

  • Serve hot or warm

Writer's note: If using a pan, still spread a little mayo on folded wrap, cook one side for 2minutes and flip the other side to cook for additional 1-2minutes.

You can also microwave or steam vegetable on low heat with no water if you want it softer.