Galactagogues: Breastmilk Boosters

                                    My last 2 posts have been on breast feeding/ human milk to celebrate breast feeding week (1-7th August). Today's post is on galactagogues. Galactagogues are group of substances, drugs and herbal remedies used to increase lactation and secretion of breast milk. Most women explained that one reason why they don't breastfeed or exclusively breastfeed is due to perceived insufficiency of milk for the child because of low milk production.

There are various causes of low human milk production which are not limited to:
a) hormonal imbalances
b) low mammary glandular secretion
c) Insufficient nutrient intake.
d) Anger: Yes, you heard me right anger. When a lactating mother becomes enraged, there is high chance of stress hormone antagonizing prolactin which reduces milk production. Try and be happier😊😊
e) Depression.
Over the years, obgyn, nurse practitioners, lactation consultants and nutritionists have shifted to the paradigm of recommending galactagogues to lactating mothers to support breastfeeding.

Natural remedies include:
Oats: Widely used
1.     Fenugreek: Widely used.
2.     Chamomile (Read my article on this
3.      Moringa Oleifera
8.     pumpkin.
9.     Ginger.
      Blessed thistle
4.     Milk thistle
5.     Goat's rue
6.     Fennel

7.   Pharmaceutical galactagogues  (Dopamine D2 receptor antagonists) include
·       -Reglan (Metodopramide)
·       -Motilium (Domperidone). Please ensure you consult your physician before using any of these.

While using any of this, observe any changes you notice with them. Above all, Nutritionist/ Registered Dietitians (RD) recommend daily optimal nutrition adequate in all food nutrients, adequate fluid intake especially water for great lactation. 

Worry less about putting on weight because when you eat healthy and breastfeed well, you loose pregnancy weight. Consult an RD/ Nutritionist for professional help if concerned about your weight.

Was this article helpful? Are there other galactagogues that worked for you or someone you know and want to share with me? Please leave them in the comments below. Thank you. 

My next post will summarize important tips for effective breastfeeding. Stay tuned.

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