Zobo (Hibiscus Flower) drink

Happy Friyay 😃😅!!

The weekend comes with meal planning if eating healthy is a goal for you. Therefore, due to the crave for soft soda drinks which are usually sugar energy dense, I advice my clients to make homemade drinks to manage their cravings. 

DRUMS ROLLING........................Zobo (hibiscus) drink recipe is to the rescue as one of such drinks.

Zobo is a specie of Hibiscus flower which is dried and used to make the zobo drink. It's name & peculiarity originates from the Northern part of Nigeria.

Having lived in the North for sometime, This has been one of my all time favourite.

Ingredients Used!!!

  • Dried Zobo Leaves (2-cups)
  • Pineapple bark peels
  • Cloves (Kanafuru in Hausa (Nigeria))
  • Ginger (Blended with skin), Gives it the special flavor.
  • Sugar (optional)

  1. Get a Medium big pot
  2. Wash Pineapple skin, cloves with water and place into the pot.
  3. Wash the Zobo leaves under running water and place into the pot too.
  4. Add in 7 cups of water (1 cup=200-250mls) into the pot as well the blended ginger.
  5. Place pot over medium heat stove.
  6. From the pot it starts boiling, cook for 15mins and bring down to cool.
  7. After 10mins of cooling, pass through a sieve or coriander to obtain only the liquid.
  8. After the liquid feels cold to touch, add in sugar to taste if you wish.
  9. Chill and serve cold...

P.S: Zobo leaves provide great health benefits backed up by research. I will upload that soon and hope the drink help fight your cravings.

REMEMBER: Everything about food Centers on MODERATION, BALANCE & VARIETY.

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