Spoiling yourself to special treats occasionally is very important even on a healthy lifestyle.  What is important is moderation, and staying very active during such times.

I created this delicious homemade fried wings which can serve for lunch, dinner or pot-luck. The secret of this recipe is to have the wings marinate for more than 12-hours to enhance the juicy flavor of the chicken. I marinated mine overnight. 

Ingredients (serving size: 3):

For Marination:
  • 10 pieces chicken wings (pat dry  with towel to remove excess water after washing)
  • Garlic cloves
  • Ginger (fresh & peeled)
  • Red onions
  • Habanero pepper (1)
  • salt for taste
  • curry
  • paprika
  • soy-sauce/ bouillon cube like Maggi/ knorr

For frying:
  • Flour
  • 2 eggs ( whisked for egg wash)
  • salt
  • Black-pepper

Method of Prep: For marination;
  1. blend garlic, ginger, onions, habanero pepper into a paste and pour over wings.
  2. Season with curry, paprika, soy-sauce/ bouillon cube, salt to taste
  3. Cover and allow to marinate at room temperature or in the refrigerate for more than 12-hours

Marinated Wings!!
For frying:
  1. If wings were in the refrigerator, Allow to thaw to warmness before frying.
  2. Pour oil into a pot enough for deep-frying and place over heat
  3. Add salt and pepper into flour and mix properly
  4. Take wings, one piece at a time, dipped into flour, then into egg-wash and finally into flour again. 
  5. Drop wings into hot oil and fry till golden brown
  6. Serve hot/ warm 

How I ate Mine:
             Because every meal deserves some sense of healthy in it, I paired mine with baked Irish potato chips (see recipe here: http://www.nutrientdoctor.com/2019/01/irish-potato-chips-baked-healthier.html) and spinach salad. This was absolutely delicious and I felt guilt-free.
How I ate mine !!😋

Would you try this? If yes, how would you eat it?

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