Cook&Eat Healthier 1: Palm Kernel Stew (Ofe Akwu)

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            Today's post is on Ofe Akwu or Banga known as Palm Kernel stew in English and its cooking method. It's a delicacy in Nigeria, some parts of African and often eaten with rice, beans or fufu. Growing up, I ate it on Sundays with remains used throughout the week.
           The oil extracted from the kernel of the palm seed is rich in saturated fat which is unhealthy for the heart when eaten in large quantities. Asides having a healthy diet, using healthy cooking methods promotes a healthier life. This can reduce the risk for early onset of cardiovascular disease, overweight. obesity and other diet related diseases.  
Still looks & tastes great after the scoop outs!!

           Therefore, we will look at a healthier way to prepare this sauce with its deliciousness intact. 

Its Cooking error:
           This is commonly made by cooking the kernel seeds to softness. The seeds are then dehulled from the skin and mixed with hot water to extract the oil and liquid to make a sauce. It is then cooked/ boiled for a long time and seasoned with meat, spices to make a sauce. Most people eat it plainly or with vegetables.

Healthier cooking method:
          The best way to make this sauce is a day before consumption. After boiling and cooking the extracted sauce, Freeze it and leave it intact for the next day. Upon use, the next day, bring out to thaw a little, gently use a spoon to scoop out large chunks of fats deposited on top of the sauce until the top is clear (see picture for description). When done, go ahead and finish up the cooking by adding fresh green vegetables when hot.
Correct cooking method!

You don't have a freezer or no light? No worries. Allow the sauce sit for like 4-6hrs in a cool area without shaking or scooping from it. Then gently scoop out the top oil from the sauce till its minimally reduced and warm again to prevent spoilage.

Melted scooped fats!!

        It reduces the fat content of the stew by half and saves your arteries and heart. Most importantly, you get to enjoy your fav meal without guilt.

Hot rice with tasty ofe-akwu/ vegetables
If you tried this, tell me the difference via comments and please share this with a friend that needs to know. An OILY food does not depict its DELICIOUSNESS.


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