Hello wonderful friends. This will be final post this year to celebrate breast-feeding. It will be centered on common FAQs.

Model of a Healthy meal for lactation 

1) Why are exclusively breast-fed babies chubbier than the formula fed babies? Does it mean they are not healthy?

Answer: First and foremost, there is this misconception that if a a baby is breastfed exclusively, that they can become overweight. It is interesting to know that two factors play major role to the chubbiness found in breastfed babies:
a) Fat content of human milk increases throughout lactation: This explains why exclusive babies are chubby and guess what? That chubbiness is so healthy for them and cute.

b) Fat fraction of human milk is sensible to maternal diet: If a mother consumes more fats in form of saturated, trans-fat, the breastfed child will equally be having more of saturated fats in his milk. Therefore, mothers should aim for healthier fats in form of nuts, seeds, avocado, fresh vegetable oil, less fat % meats. 

2) What is the don'ts in lactation period.
a) Limit intake of alcohol minimally/ Eliminate from diet: Research has proven that women who drink alcohol during lactation indirectly pass it on to their child and reduce cognitive development in that child.
b) Do not apply castor oil orally: Research shows that castor oil contains ricin and ricine which are very toxic and can affect a child's health.
c) Avoid being angry/ depressed: Anger produces stress hormone that reduces the production of milk necessary to satiate a baby's needs.

3) How do I store a baby’s milk
Expressed breast milk can be stored at the back of a refrigerator for five days (warmed before fed to a child). Where I come from, the milk is put into a clean container and placed in a warm bath in a cool area prior to feeding the child. For more info on storage of baby's milk, read on up this interesting info https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/infant-and-toddler-health/in-depth/breast-milk-storage/art-20046350.

4) Best Practices for Breastfeeding.
a) Ensure the baby is properly latched to the breast to avoid painful breastfeeding. This ensures supporting the child posture properly while breast-feeding.

b) As mother, it is of great necessity to apply maximum patience when breastfeeding. No child is the same. Some children have fasting sucking ability and get satiated quickly than others. If In a hurry, it is better to express the milk, and have it given to the child when hungry.
c)When expressing the milk, ensure that one breast is properly emptied to include both the fore and hind milk (Remember is the hind milk that leaves the baby satisfied, read my post on facts on human milk) before expressing the other milk.

d) Have a close cheerful eye contact with your child during feeding. This has a well of making them feel loved and keeping them connected to suck on.

e) Eat nutritious and healthy meals. Do not starve.

f) Ensure you clean off the tip of the nipple with a wet clean cloth before breastfeeding.

g) Feeding in public is greatly encouraged. Ensure to purchase lactation bras and clothes that minimizes as much exposure as possible and enjoy feeding your child anywhere.

h) Be sensitive to your baby's reaction when hungry. Remember to empty one breast properly before moving to another.

5) Why do I get hungry rapidly in lactation.
Answer: Because energy is channeled to two individual from a mother's meal, the body quickly uses up this energy to breast-feed a child and meet a mother's physiology need. You might be scared of adding weight but with the help a professional health worker like a Dietitian/ nutritionist, you can have your meals properly planned to meet the goals of both your baby and yourself. (send me an email if you need help.........)

Thank you for sticky with me in recent four post on breastfeeding. It is important to exclusively breast feed our kinds unless if exempted based on Doctor's orders due to a medical condition.

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