Frozen Banana Ice-cream

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        Healthy eating includes healthy snacking that are low in added or table sugar, rich in protein and low on saturated fats like margarine, butter. This ice-cream recipe is healthier and a great switch to regular store bought ice-creams. Alternatively, you can substitute half the quantity of regular ice-cream you intend to take with half of this recipe to create a healthful balance. This recipe works well as a dessert too. Enjoy!!

P.S: This is best prepared a day before consumption for the family including infants or serving to guests.

Ingredients (Serving size: 3 servings)
2 medium ripe bananas
6 Tbsp plain low fat yogurt 
1 tsp Vanilla essence

Method of preparation
-Put all ingredients into a blender or food processor and liquefy to a smooth paste
-Pour into a clean storage container and freeze for 4-5 hours or until solid to scope.

Note: when blending and seems thick to blend, add milk or water little by little until it blends easily.

How to serve
-Add fruit toppings or nuts
-Use over a pudding, pie or bread toast

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