What Calcium Supplement works best?

                 The presence of Phytate and Oxalate in most natural-occurring calcium foods sources makes it nearly impossible to meet the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) to maintain and build strong bone mass. People who have Lactose Intolerance (the inability to digest milk after ingesting it which can lead to abdominal pain and discomfort) also find it difficult to meet their daily calcium RDA needs.

The question is, how do we make up for this requirement (1000mg/day) ?? The answer CALCIUM SUPPLEMENTs comes quickly as lightening. As your Nutritionist, permit me to shake tables a little??

Do you know the type of calcium supplement you consume matters in terms of bio-availability?? lets dive into supplements sold in order of lowest bio-availability to highest. P.S: Check ingredient list or nutrient facts for calcium form.

This is the common form of calcium supplement.
Base: Alkaline
Origin: Rocks, limestone, shells of marine animals, pearls, eggshells & snails.
Bio-availability: Low (20% of total calcium consumed). It requires production of extra stomach acid to be absorbed (best taken on an empty stomach).
Cost: Cheapest form of Calcium sold.

Base: Acidic
Bio-availability: Low (better than carbonate). It requires less production of natural stomach acid.

More natural form of Calcium.
Cons: It is found to show high levels of Lead toxins due to poor quality control.

Source: Aged cheese, Baking powder
Bio-availability: Medium (absorbed at various PH)

Source: Cow's milk, Tooth enamel, bones
Bio-availability: Medium

Water soluble form of Calcium.
Source: Mixing Calcium salt found in Citric acid with Malic Acid.
Bio-availability: High

Source: Mineral salt of Orotic Acid
Cost: Most expensive
Bio-availability: HIGH

In all this, choose that which fits your money pocket.

NOTE: The body can only make use of 500mg Max of Calcium at a time. Ensure to spread your calcium meals through out the day.
I use the Calcium phosphate supplement in form of gummies. They also have vitamin D to help me absorb the calcium immediately as well. 

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