peppered Gizzard Fajitas

Preparing for a pot-luck? On a budget? This recipe is not only budget-friendly but easy to prepare for any occasion or family/ personal consumption.

Yummy Peppered Gizzard!!
SECRET OF THIS RECIPE: Marinate the gizzards 24-hours prior to the day of preparation. It does the magic test.

Fresh Gizzard


  1. Fresh ginger
  2. Fresh garlic
  3. Fresh onions
  4. Habanero
  5. Bouillon cube (Maggi) or soy-sauce
  6. Dijon Mustard (like 1 teaspoon)
  7. Curry spice powder
  8. Italian Seasoning (it contains thyme, rosemary)

Dijon Mustard!!
Ingredients used for marinating!!


  • Red, yellow and orange sweet ball peppers (sliced)
  • Ketchup (Optional)
  • Vegetable oil 
  • Fresh onions (sliced)


  • Blend 1-4 marinating ingredients and pour over the gizzards in a pot. 
  • Season with 5-8 to taste and place in a refrigerator to marinate for 24-hours.
  • On the next day, Place over medium heat stove and cook until it is tender and juicy (P.S: don't cook over high heat because it will harden the meat and kill of the juice).
  • When the gizzard cooks to tender, drain it from the stock in a coriander/ sieve and reserve the stock for future meals like fried rice or Jellof rice.


  • Heat a frying pan lightly with oil
  • Put in the ball peppers, onions and little salt to taste, Stir to juice out the flavor for 5-minutes.
  • Add in the gizzard and stir for like 5-minutes.
  • Add in a little ketchup and stir for extra 3 minutes.
  • Serve hot or warm with a smoothie (check recipe) for Lunch or dinner.
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