Overnight SOAKED OATS: The Power Benefits

                 OATS ( Aveena sativa) is the one of the easiest to grab breakfast for healthy living. One of the conflicting question is should oats be soaked overnight or not? 

Oats are very abundant in Zinc and Iron (Fe) BUT guess what????? Those nutrients are not accessible to the body for use. 

WHY?? (lol, if you are wandering),

The reason is the presence of PHYTIC ACID or PHYTATE. Phytic acid/ phytate is the storage form of phosphorus but is an anti-nutrient/ antagonist for the absorption of zinc and Iron in the body. 

For you to appreciate this, lets quickly look at the roles of Zinc and Iron in the body. Zinc play the major of building the body immunity and combating upper respiratory tract infections. Iron on the other hand increase oxygen flow in the body through the blood and play major roles in chemical reactions that provide energy for the body

To reduce the phytate in oats and maximize the benefits of the minerals, most raw oats are prepared as porridge on the day of consumption. Although research shows that the reduction in phytates is just 10% by this method. 

I have discovered as a scientist through RESEARCH that the best way to maximize the benefits of nutrients in my oats is by soaking it overnight with lemon and yogurt (a source of good bacteria). The bacteria in the yogurt helps to break the walls of the phytic acid by 30% to make the essential micro-nutrients (Zn and Fe) bound to it more available. The bacteria also help to reduce the cramps that comes with eating oats for very sensitive stomachs.

The lemon juice helps the body absorb the Iron (Fe) otherwise called non-heme Iron (meaning Iron from plant source) well. This is particular to vegetarians whose only source of Irons are from plants. You now know why anemic people always feel weak (knowledge is power).

Another option is soaking it with lemon alone if you don't have access to yogurt. You could still have more phytates broken down than if you cooked it straight on the stove from the package container.

The Best Thing? You don't have to cook your overnight soaked oats to enjoy the taste of a delicious breakfast (its optional to cook it after soaking). What matters is the benefits that come with soaking.

Method For Soaking

  • 2 cups of raw whole grain oats
  • 2 tablespoonful of non-fat yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon of lemon juice.
  • 11/2 cup of water


  1. Combine all three ingredients into a neat storage container that has a lid (cover), stir properly. Add water and stir in a uniform consistency.
  2. Store in the refrigerator or in a very cool area and allow to sleep for 24hours. 
  3. Scoop into a plate either for breakfast, baking and keep the store remainder in the refrigerator for next time use. 

NOTE: I advise that all soaked oat should be consumed within the first one week of after the 24-hour soak.

Oats are a wonderful cereal not just for breakfast but also in snacks. They are good for babies 9months of age and above. They are rich in fiber, low in sugar (great for diabetes when given the right portion size) and a good source of protein. 

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!! Have you tried soaking your oats overnight? any comments on it? are you yet to try it? please do and let me know if you enjoyed it?

Leave your comments and direct all questions to dietbukka@gmail.com. Do share this knowledge with your friends too. 


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