My Easy & EFFECTIVE Exercise Routine

Hi Friends,

      The weekend is close by and I decided to drop a good surprise for you all. I have gotten lots of questions recently on if healthy eating does the magic alone for healthy shape? The answer is NO!!! A second factor for healthy living is EXERCISE.
       When people hear the word Exercise, they have their minds only channeled to the super men and women we see in gyms exuding power with different equipment. This becomes a reason why people especially busy mom don't exercise in addition long distance of gyms from their homes and as well as kids to take care of.
         Before we continue, WHAT is Exercise? Exercise is anything that you do that makes you sweat. This could be dancing while cooking, walking the stairs daily as well as doing house chores like sweeping, vacuuming. washing of dishes. However, some people might require higher intensity exercises than others to get very perfect results.
         Cutting  the long lecture short, I made a video to show you a compound exercise I do every now and then even in the office (lol, Yes, I said that!) to keep my metabolism high for burning weight without having to go to the Gym. The gym used here is in my apartment and has limited equipment to get a full body work out as I want. Sometimes, gym equipment are boring to use, Right?

I do 3 sets of the compound exercise as follows (link on video above):

Jumping Jacks (30 reps) Note: If you are beginner, you do not have to go fast paced as I did for the first one week, Your pace should be gradually increased in the week 2 as well as when you have greater strength to do more endurance demanding exercising.)

High-Knee Run (20 reps): Try to swing your arms by your side as you do so. Have a controlled breathing of inhaling and exhaling air as you do it.

2-Legs Static Hop-Jump: (10 reps) This helps you gradually cool down (its better than stopping the exercise abruptly/ suddenly as this can cause injuries to your body).

Standing Crunches: (20 reps for each leg): Secret to seeing effective result is have your tummy tucked in for each move, inhale as you crunch, exhale as you release your legs.

Side twist (10 reps for each side): Looking for a slimmer waist? top the cake with this ice.

NOTE: Each exercise should be transitioned into without resting. After the completion of the last exercise, rest for 3 minutes, sip water and start all over until you have done the third 3rd set.

         This exercise can be done anywhere and at anytime even as a busy mom. It takes like 15 mins to complete the sets. NO EXCUSES. REMEMBER NO PAIN & SWEAT; NO GAIN!!