Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) in weight Loss.

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        Today's focus is on APPLE CIDER VINEGAR called ACV. ACV has been the center of attraction especially in weight loss program. A research by Balliett and Burke (2013) suggest the effect of ACV on weight loss, attenuating blood lipid/ cholesterol profiles and increase in testosterone of normal adults.

What is Apple Cider Vinegar?
According to Wikipedia, ACV is a type of vinegar made from or apple Must. A Must is a freshly pressed fruit juice made with the skin, seed and stem of a fruit.  ACV has a pale to medium amber color and sour in taste (need to be brave to withstand the slapping nature, lol). Unpasteurized/ organic ACV contains mother of Vinegar which gives the ACV a cob-web/ congealed appearance.

What is "Mother of Vinegar"?  it's a substance composed of Acetic acid bacteria and cellulose. Acetic acid bacteria develops during fermentation of alcohol to acetic acid in the presence of oxygen and then added to Cider or vinegar for use in cuisines and therapies. Acetobacter aceti (name for the bacteria) is HARMLESS to us.

I occasionally use organic ACV as part of my nutrition and health therapy. Listed below are the benefits I have seen so far (a tablespoon in a 250mls glass of water).

  1. 1) When taken in the first thing in the morning, I tend to use the REST room often to get rid of waste and toxins I guess?? (from the color of my urine). This leaves me feeling light to start off my day well energized.
flatter tummy, Less Bloat, Happy Me!!!
  1. 2) It helps me pass out gas (flatulence),leaving me lighter especially in the abdominal region. I suspect is the power of the acetobacteria on my digestive tract causing such effect.
  1. 3) I noticed it helps to curb my appetite without unnecessary munching and eating at every given time.
You might ask, what of weight loss? The answer is that I cannot singly pinpoint to ACV as a magic behind body maintenance because carefully watching my nutrition and exercise regime are other contributing factors.

However, research by Ozen and Baser (2017) on a woman unresponsive to integrated medication to cure her chronic Candida albicans (vaginal infection), had her infection cleared upon ACV application to it. (Interesting right? but NOTE: Consult your physician before use).

A study by Halima, Sonia, Sarra, Houda, Fethi and Abdallah (2018) in male wistar rats reported  ACV attenuating oxidative stress and reduction in the risk of obesity on rats fed high fat diet. I haven't seen any research replicated in humans. 

  • Every food in life has Pros and Cons especially when taken in high concentration and quantity. Research has shown that frequent ingestion of ACV especially in undiluted form erodes the teeth and deprives it of its white shinning nature. Secondly, Mohamed el-O, Mohamed SM and Mohamed KA (2001) research in mice fed high concentrated quantity showed displaced erosion of gastric mucosa, dilatation in gastric glands and duodenum villis blunting and vacuolated hepatocytes.

In summary, Should ACV be taken? YES especially those with "the MOTHER". what quantity? MODERATELY (1-2tbsp per 250mls of water twice weekly). A tablespoonful of ACV provides ZERO calories, 0.1g of carbs, o fat, 1mg of sodium and 11mg of potassium.

It should never be ingested undiluted!!

Other uses of ACV include: for occasional salad dressing, marinades, food preservation.

If you have peptic ulcer, be very careful to take it and stop if you notice any abnormal signs. If pregnant, I strongly advise not to take it.

Do you take ACV and noticed any effect (good or bad?), share your comments. Did you also enjoy this piece? share with friends.

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