Lettufied Apple Smoothie

Smoothies are body smooshers!!
                My last post on pineapple sunshine smoothie outlined the benefits of smoothieing. Smoothies are a quick meal fix especially for busy individuals either for breakfast or in-between snack. The type of smoothie you make depends on what food you will eat along with it. if it is solely a meal, it has to be rich (containing carbs, protein, fats, minerals and vitamins in form of vegetable and herbs) in order to meet your requirement for that given meal without going hungry soon after. If as an accompaniment or side-dish, it can be made from fruits solely as a juice.

Remember: Smoothies are cheap to make especially when made with foods in season (eating healthy does not have to been expensive when properly planned). They are also a great way to take in an ample amount of fiber in form of vegetables without having to chew it (some people detest it. LOL).

                 My smoothie today was made for breakfast. 

P.S: I skipped protein source because I was going to have 2 boiled eggs (1 whole egg, an egg white) and a slice of whole wheat bread with it.

You can always prepare your smoothie a day before if you are going to run out of time and store in a tight cup or container in the refrigerator.


1 big sweet apple (2 small apples) diced equivalent to 1 hand fist.
1 handful of washed lettuce
1 teaspoon ginger powder
1/2cup of unsweetened almond milk (Alternative: use 1teaspoon olive oil or any other milky like base like Horchata (tigernut juice))
Dash of lemon juice ( To prevent discoloration of apple after blending)
3ice cubes

  • Put all ingredients in blender and crush smoothly into a fine juice.
  • Pour into desired container and serve.

Do you have concerns, comments or thoughts you would want me to discus about, drop your comments or send me an email: dietbukka@gmail.com

NOTE: Well made smoothies are healthy especially when made from home. If you are going to purchase it from a vendor to take as an in-between snack or main meal, ensure:

  • It has a real fresh fruit source
  • vegetable to serve as fiber
  • protein source if taking as main meal
  • herbs for body cleansing.