Hiiii!! What did you think about my title?? hahahahaha (hilarious) or boring? Well I looked out for a creative name and decided to make up one.

                I promised to do more on smoothies because of the Great benefits that come with them. This smoothie is an energy booster and also contains three powerful ingredients (Pineapple, parsley, ginger) that ignites the body to healthy excitement.

Have you noticed that all my smoothies are green? lol, because vegetables can't be left out most of the time. You can never go wrong with the green color.


1 medium size banana (rich in potassium for good blood flow & pressure control)

Handful of diced pineapple (please remove the hard core to make the smoothie smoother)

Handful of steamed carrots

1 tablespoon sized ginger (washed & unpeeled).

Handful of fresh parsley (Great cleanser)

1/2 cup (125ml) of unsweetened Almond milk.

3 ice cubes.


Put all ingredients into blender, crush smoothly.

Serve in desired glass cup or store in container for later consumption.

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