Hi friends,
     HAPPY NEW MONTH (tempted to say HAPPY NEW YEAR! lol because January seemed like a year). Hope we are setting our goal right and working hard to achieve them? Remember: NO PAIN,NO GAIN!! Today's post is on smoothies. A classic smoothie should supply us with variety of nutrients (meaning not just centered on fruits). Veggies, healthy fats like avocado, olive oil, peanuts, almonds e.t.c, proteins like soy-milk, cow milk, protein powder as well as herbs like garlic, ginger, parsley e.t.c are constituents of a good smoothie to help nourish your skin. They are enjoyed as:
  • in between meal snacks
  • eaten with portioned meals
  • pre and post work out drinks.
  • mock-tails against the overly sweetened beverages. 
They are inexpensive to make because you don't need to use all a whole bunch of banana or whatever fruit for an on-spot smoothie (excess fruits in one sitting can lead to weight gain and defies healthy eating!!).



  1. 8 cube pieces of cored pineapple (have the hard center part of pineapple removed) (Source of carbs)
  2. 5 baby sticks of carrot (see picture for size) (Source of fiber)
  3. Handful of parsley (source of herbs for detoxification)
  4. 1 teaspoon of olive oil. ( you can use peanut butter, instead) (Source of healthy fat)
  5. 3 ice cubes (optional).

A blender or smoothie maker (I use OSTERIZER by Oster)

  1. Put baby carrots in an empty pot and place over a low heat on stove/ cooker to steam until a bit soft to chew (like 3-5mins) P.S: This increases the way your body uses the VITAMIN A, for good eyes & strong immunity.
  2.  Allow carrots to cool a little after removal from heat.
  3. Place the remaining ingredient into the blender as well as the carrots and liquefy to smooth texture.
  4. Pour into a cup or put in a container to sip along the way. 

P.S: I had mine with my left over pumpkin pudding. Guess what? The pudding tasted better than the first day I made it (2 days after production). I WAS ALL OVER THE MOON. 
Link to my pumpkin pudding is here oven baked pumpkin pudding
REMEMBER: A Healthy Lifestyle is 70% of your diet, 20% of exercise (physical activity) & 10% your environment. 

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