My Weight Loss Journey: After meets Before.

Before (3 to 4 years ago)
Hello friends!!
My Name is Chisom (some call me Queen-B). I am a certified Nutritionist and want to share my weight journey to encourage someone. Rome was never built in a day, so was mine. In short, I even cried some days over my weight praying for a miracle (imagine a testimony of sleeping and waking up to the disappearance of my excessive body fats, haahahaha)
Before you read further, feed your eyes with a before & after pix of ME (Don't laugh 😋😊).
              People never believe that I was once on the very big side. When I preach about the importance of healthy eating/ fitness, they look at me with badddd eyes that I am not in their shoes until they see past pic of me.

             I come from a pedigree of huge body frame, easiness to lay up fats frosted with big bones. This means if I am not careful to NURTURE what my body grows into, GENETIC NATURE takes over which pose various health risk (like metabolic syndromes). I made up a resolution to discover the new me in a new body back 2010 but guess what!! I was taking the wrong steps. With so much pressure and ridicule from people to see the weight drop fast, I lacked patience and turned to all sort of things including starvation, skipping meals, beiging coupled with strenuous injurious exercises I was putting myself through. * I dropped the weight but saw myself gaining them backs in weeks because most of them were actually water weight not FAT* Chai poor me fighting my weight in speed light of Usain bolt😓😓. 
            While studying Nutrition & Dietetics in 2012 I learnt about the indispensable need of patience, perseverance, consistency centered on a good plan to help me go through the process of a healthy weight loss. This process took me a year plus to achieve because I was bent on changing my lifestyle rather than going for transient result that will have a rebound. Mind you I learnt to enjoy the things I loved but in a healthier way and that is what I basically do on my blog (follow my blog, knowledge is power).
I still struggle with my weight and so do many other fitness individuals all over the world. However,  constant habitual practice keeps you aiming better results. As you read down I need you to apply this steps that I took and watch yourself living healthier and eating better.

1) love yourself: That is the best encouragement to give yourself. It is okay to admire skinny or very fit people but don't drag yourself in a hurry to do all they do in that stage of their fitness because it can cause serious injuries. They were once in this stage before they got there. So start gradually and become stronger. Be sure to seek professional help if you can (being accountable to someone helps in consistency). Remember even when people laugh at you or mock you, DON'T give up!

2)Get a yardstick: What do I mean by this? Purchase a non-shrinkable cloth a size down your weight. for example if you a size 20, purchase a size 18 and tell yourself that with patience, determination and hard work you will wear it in a year. I did so and still do so. I know when I have added an extra pound if my yardstick become too tight on me. You can also call this an assessment tool

3)Determination/ discipline: This journey is a very tough one I must confess especially with women whose cyclic hormonal imbalance affect the way we eat and what we eat (topic for another day!). But determination makes the journey easy. I did and still do meal planning and food portion either at the comfort of my home or in a event. 

4) Be wise, seek knowledge: With the ever advancing world, there is so much knowledge out there that if not careful, you get mislead. So many diets trending in the world BUT find what works for you through wise knowledge. Gene expression contributes a lot to how macronutrients get metabolized in different individuals.

5) Consistency: There is a never a finish line for weight management and strength building. It is a lifestyle that employs consistency. This does not necessarily mean hitting the gym every day but moving your body every now and then even at work or at home. This also includes cooking and eating adequately through creative meal planning. 

6) Cultivate help habits you cannot do without: Just as most of us cannot survive a day without Face-booking; Life requires we cultivate habits that live us restless when you don't do them. For example, I hate to sit in a spot for 30-1 hour. I take it as a duty to move around frequently to prevent rigidity and burn calories as tiny as they be. I also love to dance and that is why you can catch me every now and then moving to a good music. The purpose is to achieve my fitness goal for that day even if I wasn't able to do so earlier. Secondly, I cannot go a day without Vegetable (my addiction just as coke is to some people).

               In conclusion, all this my grammar is not to confuse you (lol) but convince you that weight loss requires patience, perseverance, determination and consistency to achieve set goals. ROME WAS NEVER BUILT IN A DAY! Keep up with my blog to see how I turn my cravings into healthy meals ideal for the body.

I will be posting research backed up nutrition education topic from time to time. Am off to make some nice meals/ dance *smiles*

if you have questions, concerns, contributions, feel free to drop your comments or send a mail to, and it will be addressed.
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