Hello Friends!!
How have we been doing?
It's been a while I posted anything new in my blog due to some behind the scenes planning. I have also been spending more time with my clients conducting exercise classes and helping them stick to their diet plans ranging from weight reduction, diabetes management, autoimmune disorders to pregnancy and under-nutrition AND
I am glad on the positive results that emerge out of each plan (diet, exercise and psychological).

WELL, enough of the personal me above (Smiles).
My write up today and in months to come will be centered on sharing simple and nutritious recipes based on seasonal foods that has helped in my optimal health journey (weight loss and etc).
Seasonal foods are cheap, affordable, fresh and widely available when in season. So the earlier we value each food, fruit in their season and use them for our health, the better for our body.

So, the seasonal vegetable am working with today is GARDEN EGG!!!!!!
Garden eggs are vegetables low in carbohydrate, fat but very rich in fiber. They help for better glucose control as well as to curb appetite. The most common use are usually eating it raw with peanuts or alone. But our recipe today will be based on using garden eggs to make sauce.
Should we say I call it *Bubbles Garden Egg Sauce*. Every ingredient used here are locally available, and cheap. This sauce is good for diabetics, hypertensive , obese/ over-weights as well as other persons with or without a health condition.

Serving: For  2 people

- Fresh Tomato: 6 medium Sizes
- Garden Eggs/ Egg plants: 2 Big sizes (cut into tiny pieces)
- Onions: 2 medium balls (cut into pieces)
- Garlic: 6 pieces crushed ( you can add more if you desire)
- Ginger: crushed
- Pepper (as desired)
- 3 Tablespoon of fresh crayfish or 2 Tablespoon of ground crayfish ( you can use egg or fish in place of the crayfish)
- Salt, curry, thyme, turmeric, and seasoning to taste.
- 3 tablespoon vegetable oil ( I used olive oil)


1) Cut all ingredients and set them ready in a plate or bowl.

2) if using fish, wash and season the fish and start boiling.

3) As the fish is boiling, add your cut or ground tomatoes, pepper, garlic , ginger, turmeric, onions, and garden eggs into the fish pot ( if not using fish, please skip step one and start boiling the other ingredients with a little water to remove sourness and soften the garden eggs) inside the pot covered. Please don't fry to avoid using and consuming much oil.

4) After the water in the above is almost dry and the garden eggs has softened, and the sourness reduced/ removed, Add your oil and washed crayfish into the pot, stir and check for taste.

5) Add a little water to the mixture and cover the pot in order for it to simmer and the flavor blend well.

6) Give a final turn when the water is almost dried depending on what you want.

7) Our Sauce is READY!!!

Serve hot or warm with boiled yam potatoes or agidi wrap and a glass of chilled natural drink like my *Tigernut drink/ Kunu aiya/ Horchata de Chufas made with no sugar.

Hope you found this piece interesting.

kindly share with me your views when you prepare it. Do ask about other foods you would want me to share with you.

Remember, exercise alone can't help you lose and manage that health condition alone, you need to have a good diet plan also. In need of nutritional counselling, email cblessing121@gmail.com and I will be glad to help!!!!

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  1. Uhmmm... Sounds yummy I must say!

  2. Nutritional benefits of this recipe is awesome. Meanwhile I will be calling you shortly to order some Tigernut drink.

  3. @Arinze: it's very yummy oohhh. You should try it at home and U won't regret it. I expect your feedback.
    @ Mec Eee: yea the nutritional benefits are so awesome. Am really expecting your call oohh. Thanking you in advance for the patronage.

  4. Chisom OMG wow amazing so proud of u love!

  5. Very interesting, I will definitely try it out. Thanks for sharing

  6. Thanks @ unknown.
    @Ib: please do try it out and give me your feedback with any other modification done by you to it!

  7. Hmmm... Yummy!!yummy!!! Sommy came fully made but I will still take milkshake 👍🏽

  8. lol @ Rapuru, tanx for checking it out, will soon share a recipe on the yummiest milkshake you will ever try!

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