INTERESTING! Hair Baldness increases the the risk of heart disease development.
Hair baldness is prevalent in 1 out of 10 persons in the world. A study conducted in 2012 indicates that the abnormal quantity of a protein, prostaglandin D2 present in the scalp of bald men could be responsible for the baldness causation.
You might be wondering how this relates to higher risk of developing heart attack, Right?

Interestingly, Results from a recent study in a publication showed that men who had lost majority of their hair had a 32% increased risk of developing coronary artery disease, compared to their peers who maintained a full head of hair.
When the analysis was restricted to men under the age of 55-60, a comparable pattern was revealed. Bald or extensively balding males had a 44% increased probability to develop coronary artery disease.
Interesting to know, isn't it?................... (pls keep reading)
Their justifiable reasons for the link were baldness may point to the possibility of
  • Increased inflammation
  • Increased sensitivity to testosterone
  • Insulin resistance: a precursor of diabetes.
All these 3 possibility are huge risk factors for developing cardiovascular health problems which explains the link.
Hhhm, You might be surprised at the role of excess testosterone in coronary heart disease development but please don't be because too much testosterone is quite unhealthy to the body (This is a discussion for another day, do keep in touch).
In conclusion, the above findings shouldn't scare anymore but rather be a ginger and a precaution to works towards living healthier by:
  • Trying to exercise more often weekly to avoid obesity which can cause inflammations.
  • Try to eat healthy and clean frequently to close loopholes for developing diabetes.
portion part of eating clean
  • Avoid exogenous intake of testosterone to reduce the danger caused by excess testosterone.
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  1. I really enjoyed d write up. Healthy living....

  2. Tanx @K.K & Nelson: knowledge is power. Keep checking d blog for more interesting facts.

  3. Wow good job.. Nice research.. Keep it up sis.

  4. Most of the words are ambiguous and don't quite understand the linking
    Am saying this cause I know I will have this baldness of a thing. Thanks for the insite

  5. @ Izu: thanks for the compliment, you are an inspiration.
    @ spower: well I appreciate your comment but don't feel threatened going bald cos I feel most bald men make majority of the handsome men.
    Now to make things clearer t you, based on the research carried out by the researchers, it was found that amongst the trial group which are the bald men, they had the peculiarity of inflammation due to the abnormal no of the protein mentioned above, likewise high level of testosterone was observed amongst them likewise a sign of insulin resistance. and in science this three signs are usually known to be precursors of coronary heart disease. Therefore the early someone tries to watch this precursors through the tips given above, the better to reduce the early onset of any heart problem. hope you understand better now?


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